Breaking News!

Shaded Moon Entertainment is very excited an honored to announce that they will release the European edition of the new MinstreliXalbum “Minstrelics” in July/August 2024. The album will contain a exclusive bonus track.

MinstreliX is one of the leading bands in the melodic power metal scene. “Minstrelics” is their sixth album, and is released to celebrate their 20th anniversary!

The band was formed in Osaka in 2004 by guitarist Takao and vocalist Leo Figaro, and will release their sixth new album in 2024, which will mark their 20th anniversary! Their dramatic, symphonic, and neo-classical power metal has been extremely popular in the scene, attracting fans of hard rock/heavy metal, game music, and anime music alike! Their third album “Tales Of Historia” and their 4th album “Chronostrings” ranked both highly on the Oricon Indie Album Chart. The album in question, “Minstrelics”, is titled after the band’s name, which is a reflection of the band’s pride in the album. Starting with the dramatic, fast-paced “Destiny~The Goddess Pt.3~”, followed by “Silhouette of Time” and the 11-minute, dramatic, fast-paced masterpiece “Gathering Under the Same Sky”, the album is packed with impressive songs that take the band’s musical style to the next level. With leader and guitarist Takao at the center the album is full of melodic, dramatic, and progressive power metal! This album also shows a variety of expressions, including a folk metal song titled “Sake Banquet”. The bonus track has still to be determined, but it’s an exclusive for the European version of this album.

More news follows soon!