About us

The main reason why I started this label some years ago is the love for melodic rock music. The company started with band management. Bands like Gravedroid and Phyrus were under this management. I booked gigs, talked about the direction, financed recordings, did all the PR (promotions and publicity) and gave moral support.

Later on I also released the promotional CDs of Gravedroid and Phyrus. Under the Shaded Moon Entertainent banner we released the "Melodic Metal Worldwide Part I" CD, with 14 melodic metal bands from around the globe and the "Dreamend" album from Bosnian power metal band Symbolic.

Unfortunately after that the activity halted. But now Shaded Moon Entertainent is starting again.

Shaded Moon Entertainment is an independent rock label, based in the village of Assendelft (near Amsterdam), The Netherlands. The focus of the company is AOR, hard rock, heavy metal, power metal, progressive rock/ metal, because we like these styles ourselves.

All bands that play melodic music (AOR, hard rock, heavy metal, power metal, progressive rock/ metal, etc.) are welcome to contact us. Please don't send us any nu-metal, black metal, free style jazz or other styles.

You can contact me through mail or the following address:

Shaded Moon Entertainment
Dorpsstraat 1010
1566 JK Assendelft
The Netherlands

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